Summer 2019 Online Ordering is Live!

We are happy to announce that our summer online ordering form is ready! You can place your orders now here. We will begin shipping our first crop the beginning of August.

We have some more exciting news regarding our summer annuals. This year brings in your classic favorites as well as new and improved vinca. In addition to the classic Vinca Cora, we are growing an upgraded variety of Vinca Cora this season called the Vinca Cora XDR series. This variety offers improved disease resistance to ten of the most virulent isolates of Phytophthora nicotianae that cause Phytophthora blight. Basically, you will now have a healthier plant that will display its vibrant colors all season-long! And with this new series comes new colors: Cranberry, Hotgenta, Light Pink, and Orchid. Plus, we are now offering Vinca Mediterranean Red. This vinca blooms pure red and grows in a trailing habit.

Here is a brief rundown on our summer selection:

– Caladiums
– Celosia
– Coleus
– Dianthus
– Duranta
– Marigolds
– Petunias
– Setcreasea
– Vinca
– Zinnias

You can check out these flowers with pictures and detailed information at

That’s all for now! Have a wonderful rest of your summer!

– Premier Growers